Camaleón Cigars

“On our way to become one of the Top Cigar Brands in the Market”

Camaleón Cigars story begins in “Chicos Factory” in 2016. After tasting one of Chicos creations, the spark was immediately ignited. We, Gabriel Beco and Pedro Betances were mesmerized by the experience on how something so simple as smoking could have such a complex and enticing sensation.It was an experience we not only wanted to replicate and expand, but also share with others…It’s exactly what new and old generations have been longing for, a refreshed smoking experience. 

Francisco "Chico" Rivas

Francisco “Chico” Rivas has over 30 years of experience in the tobacco industry. Not only working with some of the top cigar brands in Dominican Republic, but he’s also a 4th generation tobacco producer. With an expertise in plantation, processing and blending of all tobacco varieties in America.

“Chico” has been able to produce cigars of the highest craftsmanship and quality. This has allowed his creations to rank in the Top 10 of listing such as Cigar Aficionado, Cigars & Spirit and Half Wheel. In true presence of a Top tier master blender as “Chico”, Camaleón Cigars has created its own masterpiece to share with the world.

Top quality, top experience.

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