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Camaleón Cigars story begins in “Chicos Factory” in 2016. After tasting one of Chicos creations, the spark was immediately ignited. We, Gabriel Beco and Pedro Betances became mesmerized by the experience. How something so simple as smoking could have such a complex and enticing sensation. It’s an experience we not only wanted to replicate and expand, but also share with others. We tried all sorts of rare cigars, famous cigars, blends, and cigar wrappers. Also shared those experiences with different groups of people, making each encounter one of its own. We knew we had to do something about it, so we got to work to create the best cigars we could.

In an industry as conservative and traditional as this one, we wanted to create one of the best cigars. However, we found ourselves with little room to introduce and grow our alternate visions for the smoking experience. Given this the “Camaleón” spoke to us naturally. It is the living and graphic representation of change, transformation, evolution. All of these concepts closely align to what the tobacco experience is to us.

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Now, what is that experience? You ask. As some of the youngest entrepreneurs in the industry, our ways, tastes and expectations of a cigar seem quite different than the traditional approach. However, this doesn’t mean it cannot be enjoyed by others. It’s exactly what new and old generations are longing for, a refreshed smoking experience with a top quality cigar. We truly felt the need to explore these outbound urgencies. As we grow and develop, such as a fine cigar, we become more drawn to this concept of adaptability: We transform, we adapt, we expand, we change, we are Camaleón Cigars.